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Create the Business You Deserve and the World Needs

What If It Was Possible To Create A Life And Business That You Love?

A life where you knew, really knew with 100% clarity, that you are serving your purpose?

A business that provided you with consistent and reliable revenues?

A business that supports your authentic self and how you like to work?

A life where you could make a profit and make the world a better place?

Join us for RISE, the only program made for especially for you as a social entrepreneur and finally experience true business success that’s about your impact in this world.

Being a Social Entrepreneur requires a special balance of a business mind and kind heart. Being a Social Entrepreneur is balancing your business needs and the needs of others; it is about both giving and receiving. A Social Entrepreneur lives in the best of both worlds where financial gain has a soul. But it is a tricky balance and that’s why we created RISE.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking?

“I know my deeper purpose is for the Greater Good. If I build it, shouldn’t it just fall into place?”
“I live in the Get-It-Done mode so why am I spinning my wheels?”
“I want to do this, but I don’t know where to find the time!”
“Once investors are onboard, I’ll quit my job to start up.”
“Let me do a little more research before I get started. . . .”
You ask for advice from your friends. You read books. You research on the internet. You give up and decide to figure it out later.”

And then another year goes by.


Have you ever watched a startup business webinar or read a book or blog post and thought “Hey, this is great information but how does this work for me?”

I’m an entrepreneur myself and thought this ALL THE TIME.

With all the resources for startup business out there in the Universe, something was missing.

All these resources—the seminars, books, blogs, experts, online courses—were failing to consider THE KEY ELEMENT IN RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS:

What??? I know, I know, it’s sounds crazy, but it’s true. These resources fail to consider how YOU work. If you tried other programs and strategies before, you know this already. All those little quirky things about you that make it seemly impossible for you to act like “corporate.” You know, the corporate types who can run a multi-national, million dollar-business, can become an genius expert in anything over night while still having time to work out every day, eat clean, and volunteer to coach their kid’s sport team. Yeah, that’s not me (and if you’re reading this, you probably are not the corporate type, which is why you want to start your own business in the first place).

That’s why I created RISE.

I’m Tisha Dodge, Founder of StartUp Greater Good, PBC and creator of the RISE Program. I started off as a typical lawyer. When I started my own law firm, I doubled my annual income as a law partner in a very prestigious law firm in the first six months of my startup business. Years later, I decided to start my second business, StartUp Greater Good. The startup industry was not truly serving social entrepreneurs who are unique in the business world. I dedicated 2 days per month (basically a weekend a month) while still running my law firm full time. With 20 days of dedicated time, we hit the 5-figure mark. But it’s not just about making some extra money on the side. I am truly joyous to share what I’ve learned and work with social entrepreneurs.

Let’s make this world a better place together!

What is the RISE Program?

RISE is an exclusive year-long experience for true results, business success, social impact, and financial abundance. Our program participants, the RISE Stars, are a group of support with like-minded Social Entrepreneurs; people who understand how important it is to live with purpose. We are a group of entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and ages. While none of the businesses are directly competitive, all of our RISE Participants share synergies as related businesses. Our group keeps you accountable and we believe in you in even when you doubt yourself. We are passionate, empowered, and believe in abundance for ourselves and those we serve.

With regular sessions, we learn and take ACTION DURING OUR SESSIONS so you finish and complete business growth in the moment. You’ll be able to educate yourself, ask questions specific to your business, and take action in supportive environment.

Additionally, we focus on funding every 30 days including learning when NOT to spend your hard-earned dollars and when to spend for a wise investment in your business growth.

It’s easy to be distracted from your true purpose, wing it, or spin your wheels while guessing. In RISE, we provide you with the legal and business strategies to keep you in a positive mindset while moving forward in your business.

Our goal is to make your business grow and thrive while you make the world a better place.

So if you’re ready to:

  • Let go of “what is expected” be your authentic self
  • Discover a different way of running a business that is organic to way you like to work
  • Stop reacting to what’s going around you and create a plan for yourself and your business,

Then let’s get started now.

Here’s What You Get:


Formation and Foundation of Your Social Enterprise

Peace of Mind that you set up your business for maximum success

  • Your Customized Company Binder with all legal documents needed to maximum legal protection from personal liability
  • Jump start your business certification process
  • Legal Filing Fees Included

Customized Sessions with Action Packs that include strategies, checklists, worksheets, samples and templates for you to use in real time.

Take ACTION in the moment.
Why reinvent the wheel? We provide you with real-life samples that actually produced real business results. Then we provide you with templates to create in session and you walk away ready to implement your business strategy


Dish With Tish Sessions, live Q&As where you can ask anything from your home or office

  • With Tisha Dodge, 20+ year lawyer, entrepreneur, and insurance agent
  • Get the answers you need specific to your business
  • No more guessing how it applies to you


With the support and advice of a community of Social Entrepreneurs, like-minded RISE Stars are committed to living with purpose, profits and positive change in our exclusive forum with 24/7 access.

Two-Year Plan of Action

  • Personalized to Your Mission
  • Guaranteed at least 3 objective results with full participation in RISE in the first year.

RISE Session Samples

  • Our proprietary methodology to turn Business Concepts into Actionable Revenue (and learning when a business idea is not ready for launch)
  • Legal Essentials for Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Sponsorships
  • Create an elevator speech that has people leaning in to invest in your cause
  • Composing marketing pieces turn prospects into clients
  • Including actual copy of a letter that I sent which yielded a $2500 fee for 90 minutes of work (that’s $27/minute!!) and I’ll show you exactly what I did so you can replicate it for your own result

  • Informal focus group exercises to determining the pricing for your products and services
  • Marketing plans including marketing campaign and sample email templates to follow
  • Our proprietary RISE Results Formula where my live events have had 100% of sign ups in attendance and a 50% conversion rate.
  • How to fill out Texas funds applications (which are like grants)

Imagine how your business could operate with this kind of support.

Here’s what past participants have said about our RISE after Year 1 of the RISE Program

“The RISE Program has helped me organize my ideas for my youth enrichment program. More than that, Tish has helped me take action. I have taken different courses and felt like I wasted time and money because the material presented was basic or did not apply to my business goals. I enjoy attending RISE because Tish has actual experience as a successful business woman. As a minority business owner, I value her accomplishments and dedication to helping people grow on a personal level and in business.

Through your training and support, I have a growing yet functional business which will begin generating income soon through a partnership with the City of Killeen. I plan to begin an on-site afterschool program at my church in January. This is been a dream in the making for 10 years. Thank you so much for imparting your wisdom and propelling me into my destiny! Oh, yes and I completed my book and website just in time for Black Friday.

Kendra B.
Magus Enrichment Center PBC

My name is Rashonda Davis, and I am the proud owner of TDC, PBC. I have been working for some time to create a sustainable business that can and will excite me. I (virtually) met Tisha Dodge several years ago while working on another company with a partner; I instantly knew Tisha was successful, knowledgeable, and going to help change my life! She was super patient and up front that we had holes in our idea. Long story short, the business didn’t work out! Shocker!

After the demise of my partnership and business, I knew I wanted to start something else but was super nervous if I was going to waste more money, and worse, if I were the problem, the business didn’t succeed. When I began the RISE program, I really had no idea what I wanted to do or even if anyone would purchase what I wanted to sell. Low and behold with the guidance of Tisha Dodge and my RISE group, I have found my confidence again. Just the sheer comradery of other entrepreneurs trying to launch has helped push me further. Needless to say, TDC will be launched soon, and I couldn’t be happier.

Rashonda D.

“I’ll admit I entered the RISE program with some skepticism, wondering if it would just be a retread of the topics I learned about in some other entrepreneurial seminars and courses I’d already taken. But I was quite pleasantly surprised! The RISE program has unique content and a unique approach to teaching and supporting entrepreneurs at any stage of business development. It could be beneficial to the individual at the early stage of business growth, who is still just “kicking around” a business idea, as well as the person with an established business who needs support in expanding their enterprise. What I love about the program is that it focuses on the customers, helping them achieve their goals; and this is why the program is ideal for anyone who already has, or plans to start, a non-profit or social purpose corporation.”

Jim M.
President, PRESSON Circuit Modules, SPC

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” –Seneca

Being “lucky” by landing that great customer or getting that big contract is not random event. Luck prepared you for the opportunity. Luck is about making conscious decisions to move forward.

The simple truth is luck is not happenstance, but intentionally created. You make choices that lead you to business success or business disappointment.

75% of venture-capital startups fail

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your business invest in your success?

Success is a set of conscious, small acts taken over time to create a massive result.

I know this simple truth because I’ve lived it. As a startup business owner, I made double my annual salary in the first six months of starting my own business. But my business also had its downturns and I almost gave up several times. I also know this simple truth as a lawyer who has helped hundreds of startups and witnessed first-hand what works and what does not work. I spent years researching, experimenting, and trying all sort of strategies and programs across the country. Once I experienced the feast and famine aspects of running a business, it became a goal to create sustainable success. Many have called me lucky when I was prepared for the opportunities that arose. I was prepared because I was conscious of small acts culminating into a massive result.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from our collective experiences for faster business growth?

Being a Social Entrepreneur requires a special balance of a business mind and kind heart. Being a Social Entrepreneur is balancing your business needs and the needs of others; it is about both giving and receiving. A Social Entrepreneur lives in the best of both worlds where financial gain has a soul. But it is a tricky balance and that’s why we created RISE.

RISE is about DOING THE GREATER GOOD with an intimate group of like-minded social entrepreneurs to serve and support you as your peer advisory board. The simple truth is your startup business can only go so far when you read a book, research on the internet, ask your family and friends for advice. If you are ready to make REAL CHANGES, you need the advice and support of other Social Entrepreneurs like yourself. We work together to build a foundation and a Plan of Greater Good. We provide the support and momentum to make you unstoppable.

If you’re wondering if this is right for you, I get it.

Here’s what I know: When it comes to starting a business, no one can buy “100% certainty” that everything is going to work out EXACTLY as you planned with PERFECT timing.

I can guarantee, however, that we will be committed to serving you and your business. When you join our RISE program, we have faith in your vision of a better future and want you to experience life-changing results and success. So, if you’re not 100% satisfied after the first 30 days, just send us an email and we will provide you a full refund and we’ll even eat the credit card fees. You keep your program materials and legal setup. So give RISE a shot. You have nothing to lose (except your old ways of doing things).

Remember at the end of Star Wars: New Hope, Luke Skywalker shuts off his targeting computer and uses the Force to make the one in a million shot, destroying the Death Star, and changing the balance of power in the Universe?

Click here if you want to relive the moment:

Luke knew he could do it: He had done the same thing a million times. Luke used to bullseye wop rats in his T-16 back on Tatooine. This was the same shot that he had done before just in a different context and with higher stakes. He detached from his targeting tech (because we know that relying on tech and just doing what Red Leader did is no guarantee of a direct hit, right?).

He had to forge his own way. He had to let go of his fears.

Everybody believed he could do it: R2D2, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewie, the whole Rebel Alliance.

What it came down to is his belief in the Greater Good of the Force and himself. Sheer focus.

In that moment, he made ONE DECISION TO GO FOR IT AND TOOK THE SHOT. That one decision put Luke on a path that changed his life and the Universe.

Are you ready to take your shot?